Saturday, January 5, 2019

Vinnie's Problem

             Fuzzy’s eyes widened.  “Who’s your dad?”

            That’s when Vinnie started meowing at about 1000 miles per hour.  Fuzzy could hardly get a meow in edgewise!  She could barely pick up on anything that he was meowing, except that they lived in the city and he disappeared in a park.  Vinnie meowed that his dad ran into 3 other cats and got into this huge fight and disappeared.  Fuzzy couldn’t figure it out.  How in the meow did this kitten make it to her home if he lived in the city?

            “How did you get here?”  Fuzzy asked Vinnie.

            “Not sure,” Vinnie answered.  “I just started pawin’ and then I heard about you and your pals how you help kitties.  Does Hank live here too?”

            Now that came out of leftfield.  That was so-ooo funny that he knew about Hank.  “No, Hank doesn’t live here,” she answered.  “You know Hank’s a hippo, right?”

            Vinnie looked astonished.  “Meee-huh?”

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