Saturday, February 2, 2019



            A larger, rounder, heavy-footed Hank seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.  It was a paw-tastic site, even though it was a little confusing.  It was stunning to see how big he was.  “Didz you get bigger, dude?”  asked the Mayor.

            “Nah,” Hank answered.  “I just ate a lot at Fiona’s party.”

            Meeee-huh?  Fiona??  Yeah, the rumor was true!  Hank was a special guest at Fiona the hippo’s birthday but there’s time for that later.  “How did you know where we were here?”

            “Yeah,” Daisy chimed in.  “How didz you-”

            Daisy didn’t get a chance to finish bepaws seemingly out of nowhere Hank charged.  Meee-huh?  You heard me!  He charged at the horrible building and, literally, the front started to cave in!  It was paw-mazing!  In about 2 seconds Hank had given all of them a way in!

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