Monday, February 11, 2019

Hank Says

     All of the kitties just stared at each other.  What in the meow were they supposed to do?

Hank was confused by their bewilderment.  “What’s the problem?”  he asked in between chewing on the grass.  “You guys look too worried.”

            At that moment Fuzzy really missed Casey.  She could almost picture him smacking Hank on the back of the head.  What in the meow was the matter with him?  Did he eat too much rotting grass.  The Mayor though seemed like he read Fuzzy’s mind.  He blew his top at Hank.

            “Iz youz outz of your mindz?”  he yowled, getting so excited that his teeth were showing.  “We can’tz do anything with them you big dopez!  They don’t havez anywhere to go!”

            Hank was chewing the cud very calmly.  “Yeah they do,” he answered.

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