Thursday, February 21, 2019

Hank's Answer

            The kitties were flabbergasted, bewildered and just meow-right confused.  What in the meow was the matter with Hank???

            He was bellowing like a baby and meeee-ow all the tears was turning the ground into an ocean.  No one could believe it.  Finally, Fuzzy meowed, “H-Hank, what’s da matter?”

            Hank looks at Fuzzy with those big eyes.  They looked as big as flying saucers.  “I-I don’t know,” he answers.

            Now, the kitties were really confused.  The Mayor, literally, had a question mark over his head.  “Whatz youz meanz you don’tz know?”
            Hank was calming down but he was all sniffly by this point.  When he tried to clear his nose he practically created a breeze-MOL.  “I just started feeling really bad,” he answered.

            Barney couldn’t believe this.  “Why?”

            Hank looked at him like he was nuts.  “You were in there,” he answered.  “Just think about it…”

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  1. hank...dood....pleez... none oh uz wantz ta think bout barney bee in in ther....ya noe....

    happee week oh end guyz ☺☺♥♥♥