Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Stampede Time!

      Well, you saw the damage and meee-ow!  It looked horrible!!  The meowy interesting thing about this was that the humans were running around and screaming didn’t get that a hippo was the one that knocked down the building.  To them, it was like a storm/earthquake that struck the building.  Remember, humans see what they want to see, which is lucky for the kitties. 

Now, the animals that were stuck in the hellhole seemed like they woke-up from a deep sleep.

            “Get us out!!!  Get us out!!!”  yowled a couple of cats.

            Dogs were barking and humans were literally screaming.  They just seemed like they wanted to get out of there instead of taking care of the animals.  That made it easy for the kitties to go to work, Fuzzy was going through the whole area at a thousand miles per hour opening as many kitty ‘cells’ as she could.  It was tough though bepaws she was almost trampled by dogs!

            “Barney!  Barney!!!”  she yowled, getting worried.  “Where are you Barney?”

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  1. hay ewe dawgz....we iz heer ta help... due knot bee sew ruff ~ !! ☺☺♥♥