Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Captain Is Back

            Captain Jack?

            Could it really be him???


            All of the kitties piled on Captain Jack like he was a hero.  The kitties that didn’t even know Captain Jack piled on him too!  Dogs were barking enthusiastically.  Purring was everywhere.  You could tell that the dude was a true hero. After about three minutes, he had to back away because he was being smothered.

            “Meeee-ow!”  he exclaimed.  “I didn’t think you cats’d be that excited,” he added with a laugh/purr.  He took a look at Barney.  “Dude you better take off weight.”

            “Howz didz youz knowz we were here?”  asked the Mayor.

            “Hank called me,” Captain Jack answered with a wave of his tail.

            All eyes were on Hank at this point.  It was kind of a weird moment that gave him the creeps.  “Hey- stop staring at me!”

            “Howz were you able to getz a hold of da Captain?”  the Mayor asked.

            “What difference does it make?”  he asked.  “He’s going to take the cats and dogs to their new homes!!!”                                                   

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