Saturday, March 16, 2019

Chatty Pandas

            So, what happened?

            Were there actually 2 Grizzly Bears debating Smokey?

            Are you kidding?  They were asleep.  These bears were sleeping so hard that you could almost see the ‘Zzzzzzzs’ over their heads.  After waiting a couple of minutes to see if they’d wake-up, all of them got a little jumpy and moved onto the Red Pandas who were not only entertaining but kind of on a chattering side.

            Okay, okay, how do cats understand the language of Red Pandas?  Guess what?  I have no meowing idea.  It’s just one of those things.  Cats pick up on more things than humans do (surprise, surprise).  After all, cats are a lot smarter than goofy humans but I digress.  We’re meowing Red Pandas at this point and the one even asked a question that came out of left field…

            “Hey do you dudes know Hank the hippo?”

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