Saturday, March 9, 2019

Holy Smoke!

            The kitties couldn’t believe it.  The Trouties and Barney and Baby literally lost their meow in surprise.  Fuzzy couldn’t believe it either!  She had a faint memory of Smokey but heard all of the great stories aboutt her.  The other kitties only heard Smokey’s name in passing so they didn’t get the significance of the whole thing.  Paws was really confused.  “I thought she was dead.”

            If you want to meow reaction, you should’ve seen those seals.  They were splashing everywhere and started making weird noises.  “What??  What?  What do you mean dead?  One hopped on the rocks and gave the kitties the strangest look ever.  “That can’t be,” he said.  “She was just here a couple of weeks ago!”

1 comment:

  1. stop mezzin with R mindz ewe sealz......smokey iz R friend....♥♥♥