Saturday, March 2, 2019

Let's Paw Around!

            The Empire State Building??

            How in the meow were they going to pull that off?

            First of all, like I already meowed, Max had taken off for the tropics.  The gang was purr-ty much winging it and they weren’t to happy with the fact that Hank left the high and dry.  The Mayor swore revenge.  “I’m gonna getz even with dat fat dude,” he meowed. 

            Fuzzy and the gang weren’t impressed by this.  “What in the meow is the difference? If he wants to go- let him go.”

            “I don’t get it,” Barney meowed.  “Why was he so hung-up on going?”

            Fuzzy’s siblings had enough of this too.  Toni had her fill of tropical islands and was pumped up about the idea of pawing to the Empire State Building.  “Would you goofs stop! There’s all kinds of stuff to do in the city- we don’t need Hank.”

            “How do we get to the Empire State Building?”  Fuzzy asked wanting everyone to focus.

            That’s when Paws meowed something surprising!  “I know!  I know!”       

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  1. UBER !!!! ;) ♥♥ gotta bee cheeper than a NY cabbie :) ♥♥