Wednesday, March 27, 2019

'Smoke' In the Park?

            Okay, you’re confused.

            I don’t blame you bepaws I am too.

            Well, first off the Trouties had to suddenly leave.  Yeah, I know, but there was some kind of emergency at the trout pond in Trout Towne?  (Meee-huh?)  Yep, a major trout shortage hit the town and the Mayor and the rest of the Trouties were called back to get the paws back in line and to refill the trout pond.

            They’ll be back.

            To top it all off, before the Mayor took off he made all of the cats who swore up and down that if they ran into Smokey, they’d let them know.

            So, the kitties were out of the zoo and in Central Park.  Tippy was out of the Snow Leopard cage and they were all on the Smokey hunt.  Every single animal at the zoo swore Smokey was hopping around New York, so the question is…

            Where in the meow is she???


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