Sunday, April 7, 2019

A Surprise Ride

            Now, you wouldn’t pass up a secret ride in the park, would you? 

            The kitties couldn’t wait to see what it was like.  However, when the got back to the park, at the anointed time their new horsie buddy wasn’t here but Hank was.


            Hank was back.

            He kitties couldn’t believe it.  Where in the meow did Hank even come from?  Where had he been?

            But this was a crabby Hank, a steamed Hank, a Hank who had spent the previous night at Dave, the Siberian Tiger’s, Auburn basketball paw-ty and Hank had lost a LOT OF MONEY on the Auburn Tigers which left him unamused.  The kitties weren’t sure what to think about the whole thing bepaws they never really saw Hank in that steamed like a clam mood.       

            This was one time that they all wished that Casey was here.

            “Where’ve you been dude?”  asked Barney.

            “Around,” Hank answered shortly.  “Where are you guys headed?”

            “Some horse was supposed to take us to the Bronx Zoo,” Baby answered, “but he’s not around.”

            “Yeah, that was Tony- he’s the one that told me you cats were here,” Hank answered.  “Hop on the back and we’ll head to the zoo.”

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  1. wavez guyz....hope thiz findz everee one doin grate; we haz a lot oh ketch up ta due we we will just say bring on sum friez for that ketch up ~ ☺☺♥♥