Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Confused Smoke

            It was a warm, fuzzy moment. 

            Everyone was quiet for a few minutes as Smokey patted Fuzzy.  Fuzzy was so good too!  She felt really good just helping the Smoke and she really hoped Smokey would start remembering things quickly.  Smokey put her paw down and stepped back.  “Fuzzy,” she meowed, “Fuzzy.”

            Hank couldn’t believe it!  He was 99% sure that Smokey’s brain had been wiped clean.  “Smokey, do you remember?”

            Smokey looked at Hank with big eyes and her whiskers started twitching.  That’s when Barney got a great idea.  “I know how to get her memory back!”  he meowed.

1 comment:

  1. smoke; due knot bee scared; ewe iz bak among friendz....N we hope ewe all haz a soooper grate Easter...we bee offline til monday sew N joy ♥♥♥3♥♥♥ and due KNOT eat any burd ;) !!