Monday, April 1, 2019

The Jolly Horse

            Well, you know the situation.

            There’s a handsome horse that seems to know where Smokey is.

            Meee-wow this was getting interesting.

            First off, this horse seemed a lot more friendly that the other horse the gang ran into when they first hit the city.  The little kitties seemed amazingly interested in the carriage and the horse had no problem with them exploring the carriage.  Human eyes weren’t even paying attention and as meowed many, many times, humans see what they want to see and to all of them this was just a nice horse, waiting for a customer.  Anyway, Barney was eyeing the horse skeptically.

            “How in the meow would you know where she is?”  he asked.

            “Do you even know Smokey for sure?”  asked Baby.

            “Little gray cat with 3 legs and a big meow, right?”  asked the friendly horse.  It was funny how jolly this dude was. 

            That was Smokey.

            Barney looked like he lost all of the color from his fur.  “Well,”  he meowed, “start neighing dude.”

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