Thursday, May 23, 2019

Ride Time

            Paws, Tippy and Sammie were in awe over the boat.  Paws was especially amazed over the style of the boat.  None of them had ever seen a speed boat before and meeee-ow he really wanted to be the one to take it for a spin.  He must’ve been really paw-vious about it too bepaws Dave was giving him such a strange look.

            “There’s no way you can drive this boat,” he meowed.

            “I didn’t meow anything,” Paws meowed defensively.

            “It’s written all over your face,” he meowed. 

            Paws’s hackles went up.  “You big knowo-it-all meower,” he answered.  “I oughta paw you across the face.”

            Sammy held up his paws calming the two immediately.  “You two gotta calm down bepaws it’s time to ride!”


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