Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Chatty Seal

            “You cats are in big trouble,” the seal said.

            “No kidding,” answered Freddy, annoyed.  He happened to be starving and he just found out his favorite cat food wasn’t on board.  “Do all of you dumb seals always squeak the obvious?”

            The seal paid no attention to Freddy but asked Paws.  “So, where did Tippy go?”

            Paws was starting to understand Freddy’s point of view.  “How in the meow do I know?  Hank doesn’t usually tell me where he’s going.”

            Sammie was tired of the idle chitchat.  “Can you do something to get us back to land?”  he asked the seal.

            The seal made some kind of weird noise that sounded like a cross between a laugh and a choke.  “What do you think I am?”  he asked.  “An engine?”

            If you thought Paws was hot before he was really steamed now.  Shades of Casey were pouring through the lad’s fur.  “Now look, you wacky seal.  What is it that you want then?  To gloat that we’re floating?’

            That’s when the other Sammy meowed, “Oh no, I know what he’s going to say…”

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