Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Windy Hank

            Paws, who was meowing a lot like the missing Casey more and more, was getting really steamed.  He yowled the famous, “What in the meow is the matter with you?  You come charging at us like some mad hippo and now you aren’t talkin- WHAT IN THE FUR IS GOING ON?”

            Well, Paws’ clever meowing must’ve done the trick bepaws it had Hank on his feet looking cranky.  “You are an ARROGNT TWIT-CAT!”  He bellowed and I’m not kidding with the bellow, this sucker was loud enough to be wind tunnel central.  “You have no idea what I’ve been through or what I saw-“

            “Dude!”  Sammie meowed, interrupting.  “What in the meow have you been eating?  Your breath dude-  P-U city!”

            Sammie wasn’t kidding.  Hank’s breath was like sour apples, burned grass, rotten eggs and bad fish.  Yucky city.  It was so bad that the other Sammy and Dave had to go throw up a couple of hairballs.  Hank acted like he didn’t hear Sammie.  He was having too much fun yelling at Paws.  “I was on an island of dead animals!”  he announced.

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  1. well, now we iz creeped out N we hope ta cod hank ya can eraze that memoree frum yur mindz eye like pronto ~~~~~~☺☺♥♥