Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Pawing Around the Island

            Now, everybody can relax.  The Fuzzy sighting was a false alarm.  Meeee-phewwww- thank meowness.  It’s bad enough that everybody was sort of on the jumpy side thanks to Hank abandoning them on the island.  The idea that Fuzzy was pawing around somewhere scared the fur off of Paws and Sammie.

            Pawing right along…

            As you can tell from the photos, the beach in question was flat-out creepy.  It seemed to be dark and very, very still.  Cats really didn’t take too well to stillness.  They wanted all action all of the time.  Now, the new kitties, any time they took a step seemed like their eyes grew bigger and bigger.  Sammie whispered to Paws, “Are we even in the right place?”

            Paws was trying to stay calm and cool.  “Paws-ibly,” he answered.  “It rates up there on the creepy scale.”

            What a lame answer.  However, how was Paws supposed to know for sure?  “Everybody keep their eyes open for Tippy,” Paws meowed.

            “He looks like you two right?”  the other Sammy asked.

            “You got it,” Sammie replied.  (I know, your head’s spinning from too many Sammies.)

            Paws, finally, decided to try a direct approach.  “TIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY!”  he yowled.

            There was silence and then all of a sudden a strange screeching noise!

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  1. be jeuz....any time sum thin letz outta screech it can onlee meen 7 thingz.....bass terd burd....

    { yea we epic failed math in skewl :) ♥♥☺☺