Friday, August 16, 2019

Hank's Fight

            Paws went flying.  FLYING?  Flying, believe it or not, is an understatement- the dude went soaring and he landed in a banana tree.


            Well, it might be a zombie island, pals but it is tropical, don’t forget.  Pawing right along…

            Paws actually landed on a pile of ripening bananas and got banana mush on his butt.  Now, having banana mush on sleek black and white fur in NOT AMUSING and Paws actually started cursing so hard that he didn’t even realize he knew that many swear words!  Wait- stop- I know what you want to know what happened to Hank?

            Meeeee-ow, are you sure you want to know?

            The lion pounced on Hank and gave such a snarling, growl that it literally made Paws’s banana-mushed butt fur stand straight up!  These two were rolling on the ground.  The lion was trying to bite Hank’s neck like a vampire but Hank was fighting hard- stretching out the legs trying to get this zombie-whacko off of him.  But they kept rolling and then Hank made a really crazy noise.  He was on the bottom of the pile at that point the lion had his head raised ready to bite- Paws started yowling but all of a sudden….

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