Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Castle Pawin'

Well, pals, you guys are smart kitties.  You saw the photo and you probably can just picture the courtyard.  It was dark, falling apart and you had ivy growing in every direction which made it seem like that if you were pawing around something could reach out and grab you and…squeeze….


          Scary imagery.

          Anyway, the kitties were silent.  It didn’t feel right to meow anything.  Sammie waited to see what Paws would do and just mimicked his pawsteps…

          One paw…



          Finally, with the shades of great Casey impatience, he yowled.  “Would you STOP DOING THAT!!!  You’re making my whiskers twitch.”

          Sammie was stunned.  “What are you being such a meowy jerk for?”

          “Why you,” Paws was ready to pounce on him but something reached through the wall and grabbed him!!!!

1 comment:

  1. guyz...if it reechez thru de wallz it mite bee a ghost....knot sayin for sure it IZ....just like 99.9 % may bee it iz....we bee offline til next week; have a grate week end `` :) ♥♥