Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Uninvited Guests

          Paws was freaked!  He started yowling, howling and making such strange noises that you would’ve never guessed that a cat could even make them.  The eyes were coming closer and Paws wasn’t going to stick around to see it!  However, when he took a step the owner of those eyes grabbed his tail and pulled him back.

          “Let go of me you freak!!!”  he yowled.

          “It’s me, you goof!”  Sammie meowed, coming into view.  “I can’t believe you got so excited.” 

          It took a couple of moments for Paws to stop shaking.  Finally, his breathing evened out.  “Where did you even come from?”  he asked.

          Sammie kind of pawed around that issue, so Paws didn’t press it.  “We have to get out of here,” he meowed.  “What way do you think- what’s with you?  Why are your eyes so big?”

          “Look-look behind you!!!”  he stammered.

          Paws turned around and couldn’t believe what he was looking at!!!!

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