Monday, January 13, 2020

Paws's Nightmare

          Paws woke up screaming, which bought all the cats running.  “What happened?”  Sammie asked.  “What happened?”
          Paws looked around, confused, he was on a sunny, calm beach.  The other kitties, including Barney were around him in a circle, looking worried.  There was no indication of fire.  “Where am I?”  he meowed.

          “We’re in Florida!”  Barney announced happily.  “Don’t you remember we caught a ride down here with the Trouties?”

          The Trouties???  How did that happen?  “Was the Mayor driving?”  he asked.

          “Yeah,” Barney answered.  “You poor kid you just went right to sleep.”

          Paws stood up, looking around intently, “Where’s Hank?”

          “Hank?”  Sammie asked.

          “Hank went to Australia,” Fuzzy meowed pounding down a ball of sand with her tail.

          “So, I dreamt that,” Paws meowed.  “That was crazy!”

          “What did you dream?”  Barney asked, feeling concerned for the lad, who looked scared and confused.

          “We were in Australia,” Paws answered, “trying to rescue kangaroos.”

          Fuzzy came over to him and gave him a comforting paw.  “You probably dreamt that bepaws Hank came to see us before he went.  We wanted to go but he said forget it.”

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  1. paws; ya sorta kinda dreemed it but sorta kinda knot; what with heerin all de bad nooze from ther....ya noe ♥♥