Thursday, February 20, 2020

Hank's Moment

          Well, as you know from yesterday, you know that when Hank puts his foot down- he puts it down.  Besides that, he was angry- REALLY ANGRY.

          “Look, you kitties aren’t going anywhere,” he said, “this is a job for me and Howie.  We’d be busy trying to keep you safe.”

          “But-but-” stammered Paws.

          Hank opened his mouth to cut Paws off and believe me that had had a better impact then someone holding up a paw but I digress.  “If me and Howie aren’t back in a month then you’ll know that something happened.”

          All of the kitties were just staring at each other with whiskers straight out.  Kitties that didn’t even know Hank were watching this with awe.  They had the feeling they were watching something historic and I guess in a way they were.

          “Come on, Howie,” he said, “let’s go find our mom.”

          “You’ll be with me the whole time right, Hank?”  he asked.

          He gave his brother a headbutt.  “Absolutely, buddy,” he said, as a big wave came in and with that-

          They were gone…

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