Thursday, February 27, 2020

Negotiating With The Turtle Dude

          The kitties just stared at the turtle dude.  He was just sitting there looking all pleased with himself with that gold sparkling under the afternoon sun.  Every whisker was up and tails were starting to swish.  Who didn’t like ‘tails’ of buried treasure?

          “What did you come and tell us about it for?”  asked Barney, who really wasn’t in the mood for this.  If you remember correctly, Barney didn’t even want to come to Florida in the first place and was only convinced by a lot of promises of sun, sand and relaxation.  The dude was starting to wonder if he’d ever get a chance to really relax.

          The turtle-dude stretched his legs and stood up.  Moving over to Barney, who he presumed (correctly) that he was the leader of the kitties, he said, “I found this treasure and I need help getting it out.”

          “What do you need treasure for?”  asked Toni.  It was a reasonable question on the part of Toni-chub.  Who would’ve thought that turtles cared about treasure?

          The turtle-dude stared at Toni with beady eyes.  “I found it and I want it,” he said snottily.  “Finders, keepers.”

          Finders, keepers?  Who was this dude kidding?  Who in the meow said stuff like this anymore?  “In case you didn’t notice, dude,” Paws meowed nastily, “we’re cats- we don’t go deep underwater.”

          The turtle-dude gave Paws a strange look.  “Then what are you doing at the beach?”

          Well, the dude did have a point and it got Paws sputtering.  The turtle-dude got their attention though when he said, “If you help, we’ll split it.”

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1 comment:

  1. we guess turtle dood never hurd oh a boat...THATZ how catz getz ta eye landz !! :)

    N we wood knot trust him; handin over all that gold...

    what if it bee longz ta pie ratz N itz stolen !!

    hay, heerz hopin everee one haza awesum week oh end :) ♥♥