Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Sad Hank


          Hank made such a crazy wail that he, literally, made the cats on the beach and all of the fish and birds stop for a second to gawk.  Luckily, he didn’t make another wail bepaws he probably would’ve caused an earthquake.  Meee-ow, unfortunately, I bet you can guess what happened.  Howie told Hank about what happened to their mom and dad. 

          Poor Hank!!  He had huge tears in his eyes.  He sniffed, ignoring the stares of all the kitties, he studied Howie who looked horrified that he made his brother cry.  “Are you sure?  A poacher?”

          Howie nodded.  He looked half sick as he told the story again of how he and his parents were grazing by a river and then his dad just fell over, killed instantly by some silent, high-powered rifle.  He rumbled away with his mom but they were separated immediately.  He had no idea what happened to her.  “I’m sorry, Hank,” he said.  “I was just really scared.”

          That made Hank cry harder.

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