Friday, May 22, 2020

How Does Everyone Know Hank?

          The kitties just stared at him, confused.  “Hank???”  Paws asked.  “How do you know, Hank?”

          The wolf gave a weird smile.  (Yeah wolves smile, they snicker too but don’t tell anybody!).  “That’s a long story.  How do you cats know Hank?”
          “I asked you first,” Paws answered and all of them were looking at the wolf extremely interested.  It was paw-mazing how many dudes Hank knew.  For a second, he wondered if Hank had an autobiography out.  Anybody ever hear of that? 

          Meee-uhoh I’m digressing again…

          The wolf gave another snicker.  “Hank and me go way back,” he said.  “I can’t figure out how he knows you cats.”

          Well, the three of them really had no meowing idea.  Hank was a dude that had always been around since they were kittens but there was no way any of them were admitting it to the wolf.

          “What’s your-”  Paws was going to ask what his first name was but he was cutoff by distant howling!

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