Monday, February 23, 2015

The Big Escape

          It was almost scary how mad Smokey got!  “Hey!” she yowled, hopping to the bulldog.  “You stop that!” She got up to him, grabbed his stubby tail and started to pull.

          Barney and Casey actually went a bit further.  Casey jumped on the back and Barney started throwing things.  Granted, Smokey wasn’t sure at first what he was throwing, but after getting hit by something it felt like a candy bar.  It was almost funny in away bepaws Barney wasn’t necessarily aiming he was throwing things in every direction!

          And still that dog wouldn’t let Ace go!

          Now don’t misread anything here.  Ace was fighting like a wildcat literally.  Smokey could hear him growl, yowl an threaten pain, even though it sounded like Ace was in severe pain.  Smokey didn’t get this damn dog- he had to be half crazy!  It didn’t matter though, she wasn’t letting go and neither was Casey! 

          “Let go you babbling, boneheaded goof!”  she yelled.  “He didn’t do anything to you!”

          In the meantime, Barney was still throwing and Casey managed to bend down and pull at Ace’s legs.  Surprisingly, Ace started to move and Smokey saw that there was blood.  But the next thing you know a car came crashing through the wall!

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