Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Time for a Break

          The second Smokey said that the car was off.  Little did Baby and Smokey know that while they were meowing at each other Ace had pulled into a gas station and meeee-ow you skeptical humans, of course there are gas stations for kitties.  If all of you skeptical humans realized how many kitties were actually on the road you would all flip.  Kitties are not only prominent on the highways but a lot of times they are 1000 times better drivers than some humans!  Oh, you’re wondering why you don’t see any of this?  It’s kind of like that philosophy in the MIB movie, you don’t see because you really don’t want too and kitties doing something other than meowing would scare the hell out of you! 

          Besides that a kitty gas station would be to small to see anyway.

          It took Smokey and Baby about two minutes to figure out everyone was out of the car, headed for the litter box room.  Actually Casey had to stop at an arcade bepaws his favorite game was actually in there- Catman!  And mee-ow it’s exactly what you think it is- a kitty version of Pacman, with a few small differences.  The cat, in question, eats kitty treats instead of pallets and the ‘ghosts’ are actually really ugly dogs.  Well, you get the idea.  Anyway, the kitties’ mom loved Pacman and the love for the great game went down to Casey, naturally.

1 comment:

  1. guys.....ewe bet uz cats iz better at drivin coz we due knot eat food, use de fone, text, tern R headz ta talk two de otherz in de bak, N like 90 bazillion other reezonz.....

    N all thiz talk bout catman N treetz haz uz hungree...

    LUNCH BRAKE !!!!

    de food gurl heer liked pacman but wuz never good at it ☺