Monday, March 16, 2015

Beach Arrival

          Ace responded to that by letting out a big snore.  Smokey looked over and saw Barney was sleeping too.  She got a little concerned.  “Are you okay?” she asked Casey.

          “Never meowier,” he answered.  “Just lay back and relax, we’ll be there really soon.”

          Smokey was actually to sleepy to argue with him and she did exactly what he said.  Now, there’s a novel concept, huh?  When did you ever hear of one of these kitties actually listening to the other?  Surprisingly though, Smokey settled down into a long, purry sleep, filled with plenty of good dreams.  One in particular involved her being locked in the Friskies factory.  Now that really had her purring!!  Her dreams were interrupted though by a purry Tommy yowling.  “Wake up Smokey!  Wake up!”

          She was up in a second and she was greeted by the fresh smell of the ocean combined with sand.  It took another second to realize that they were actually in the parking lot of the hotel!  They really made it!  She was out the door in a second with Tommy right near her tail.  The others were waiting, all except Ace and Casey.  Ace happened to be in the hotel room sleeping off some more soreness and Casey was taking a long-deserved nap.  So, it was up to Baby, Barney, Smokey and Tommy to put their paws all over the sand.

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  1. fishin guys....due knot forget ta get a pail oh werms, a boat N due sum FISHIN !!!!!! ♥♥♥