Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Doctor Search

          All of them were really confused by this.  Why?  Well, they were in Virginia for meowing out loud!  Who in the meow did they really know there?  And I bet I know what you kitties are purr-debating about!  You want to know what I mean by ‘doctor.’  You would automatically think of a vet but that’s the human way of thinking!  A kitty who needs a doctor is going to look for kitties who are doctors!  So, how does a kitty find a kitty doctor, especially if you’re out of state?

          Well, as corny as this sounds, you’re going to have to go online.  That would be the usual thing that you do or you could get really lucky and just see a sign!  Kitties are actually going to be able to search out what they need faster than humans.  Humans are actually a little more flighty while kitties actually know what they want and when they need it.  Yeah, yeah I know what you’re thinking.  You remember these Purry Cute kitties and their reputations.   They fight a lot but basically they know what they’re doing.  In the meantime, back to the traveling…

          Smokey looked down at Ace who looked a little to- well she didn’t know what the best meow was.  She just had a feeling Barney was right.  “Find a doctor fast,” Smokey said.

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  1. ace...ya haz dawg germz buddy....let smokey N de crew take ya wear ther knead ta take ya... sew by de time yur bak on de road for spring trane inn, de onlee memoree ya haz oh de day ...iz tommy drivin de car !! ♥♥♥