Sunday, March 8, 2015

Jealous Kitties

          Dr. Whiskers smiled and her whiskers perked right up.  “Me and my husband are,” she said smoothly.  “It’s my turn to work tonight.  Now, who’s the patient?”

          Oh meeee-ow that was like asking which kitty had the longest tail and the best purr.  They were about tripping over each other and yelling, “I am!  I am!”  And that even included little Tommy!  It was making Baby get madder and madder and it was just plain pissing Smokey off.  “WOULD YOU KITTIES KNOCK IT OFF!  IT’S ONLY ACE WHO’S THE PATIENT!”

          Dr. Whiskers was completely amused by the whole thing!  Smokey thought she was getting a kick out of Tommy’s apparent crush.  In other meows, Dr. Whiskers wasn’t an idiot, she knew Ace was hurt bepaws he literally looked like meow-hell!  Anyway, he pawed after her to the back and the rest of them settled down for a long wait.

          “That lucky tom,” grumbled Casey glaring at the hallway they disappeared down.  “He’s such a punk.”

          Baby belted him with the left paw.  “In the history of cat idiots you have to be the biggest.”

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  1. baby....dont count on it because I live with an idiot... that's part cat and 100 purr cent idiot and goes by the name of butter lover.......hugs frum dai$y ♥