Saturday, March 14, 2015

Putting a Paw Down

          Now that statement got a rise out of Dr. Whiskers.  She just turned around and gave Baby a look of absolute contempt.  Do you blame her?  No one likes to be questioned about their abilities.  Besides, Dr. Whiskers was a well-respected doctor, along with her husband.  “You’re just an arrogant, fat ball of fuzz aren’t you?”

          None of them were expecting that and Smokey was outraged!  She was about ready to meow something but Tommy beat her to it!  “You can’t meow that about my friend!”  Tommy yowled.  “She didn’t do anything to you but ask you a question!”

          It seems like what he meowed sort of woke Casey up too.  “Look,” he meowed to Dr. Whiskers.  “We just need to ma-“

          She held up a paw.  “All of you get out of my office,” she meowed.  “I will not be questioned in my own office- so get out!”  She pointed at the door for emphasis. 

          Baby was about ready to start again but Smokey literally pulled her tail to get her out of there, which made the others happy.  Who really wanted to deal with Baby when she was so huffy anyway?  She didn’t let go of her either, until they got to the car.









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  1. look doc & crew iz R friendz...she just asked a questhun...thatz all...dont get in a huff....may bee if mor doc's..... act shoo a lee... LISTENED....yea......