Friday, May 29, 2015

A Confused Smokey

          Smokey was ready.  But then again, Smokey was always ready!  She wanted action fast but there was a problem- there were so few of them and she knew that there was probably a ton of humans out there that needed to be stopped from hurting all of the big animals.  The Mayor blowing the whistle didn’t seem to have any effect yet.  In other words, nothing happened.  So, how in the meow were they going to do this?  And how in the meow was Casey staying on the back of that rhino?

          That was a pawesome question.  How in the meow was Casey staying on the back of that rhino???

          Well if you really need to know- if it would make your whiskers stop twitching.  The rhino seemed to be getting a kick out of it.  His head was up proudly and he looked like he was ready to go wherever Casey meowed.  The only thing different was that the rhino finally told them all his name.  And no, it wasn’t Ricky (you were waiting for that weren’t you).  It was actually Charlie. 

          Charlie the rhino.  Meee-ow, at first Smokey thought it sounded kind of weird but after meowing it a couple of times it sort of grew on you.  Anyway, Smokey noticed that all of the kitties seemed confused like she was and that seemed to get Casey all excited again.

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