Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Kitty Reunion

          Oh don’t worry, there wasn’t some big feud caused about that.  Captain One-Eyed Jack wasn’t on probation, there was actually no way he could be.  He was an accomplished kitty of the sea that could take anyone anywhere at any point.  But now, one question remained…

          Where exactly did the kitties want to go?

          Now that bought about some interesting meowing.  You see these kitties weren’t just baseball-loving kitties (as many of you already know).  They were what you call all-around kitties.  These kitties were interested in everything and one thing seemed to really make their fur purr!  That was a safari!

          Meeee-ow, the idea of sailing across the Atlantic and visiting some of their fellow animals just made Smokey all excited then she had an even better idea- how about getting a hold of the Trouties and inviting them too!  As a matter of fact, it seemed like five minutes after she came up with that idea, the Troutie arrived at the front door!

          No one could believe it but meeeeeeeeeee-wow was it good to see them!  Smokey tried to figure out how they heard about everything so fast but no one was really giving a straight answer.  That was okay though.  Kitty reunions are the best kind of reunions, as many of you kitties know already!

1 comment:

  1. meowloz guys....N ewe can betcha werd travels fast in de bak al ee wayz of trout towne, but KNOT bye carrier pigeon BURD..... ☺ bee furtastic ta see everee one again N we iz buzzed happee ta sail a long ~~~~ ♥♥♥