Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kitties That Are Ready to Fight

ver, killing all of the animals.”

          All of the kitties stared at the rhino.  Smokey did not remember ever being so mad!!  She thought the Mayor was going to lose his whiskers bepaws they were twitching so fast.  Ace’s mouth was in a straight line and every so often you’d hear a snarl.  The other Trouties seemed to be growling and their fur was up.  Barney, even though he looked like he was in a state of shock had his eyes in such a way that they looked like slits.  The paw-mazing one was Casey, who somehow, someway jumped on the rhino’s back.

          “Are we gonna put up with this?”  he yowled.  “Are we gonna stand for this anymore?”

          “Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee-ow no!”  Everybody yowled, except of course the rhino, who was in a state of shock.  I’m purr-ty sure the last thing he expected was a cat on his back.

          “We are the only ones that can fight them off!”  Casey yowled.  He was acting like he speaking to thousands of cats.  “We have to put our paws up and yowl that you can’t take our lives and our freedom!”

          Daisy let out some kind of meow-giggle.  “He’s been watching Braveheart again right?” She meowed to Smokey.

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  1. casey....dood...yea....N we bet...just BET....if ewe putted de cat call de kittiez on thiz continent wood bee heer with uz in like 5 minitz...N they wood ALL lend a paw.....give de signal whistle dood....N mr rhino....pleez ta step bak coz ewe aint seen nothin til ya haz seen 10,000 cats ona stam peed ....we will help ya buddy ♥♥♥