Saturday, May 9, 2015

Other Kitty Florida Fun


          Oh don’t panic, no one got in trouble for taking stuff.  Kitties are more mellow than humans, besides all of the players gave their stuff away at the end of the season anyway!  Moving away from that for a second, I bet you’re wondering what else the kitties did on their vacation.  That is a purry good question.


          Well, some of it (as you figured out) was sleeping.  The kitties had to catch up on the sleep, since they were what you call the ‘extra-inning gang.’  The other part involved tom-foolery.  Ace found himself the hit of the beach and wound up with about 10 girlfriends.  Barney and Casey rediscovered surfing.  They even took Tommy along, but he found that kind of boring.  He liked the waterskiing better. 

          Meee-huh???  Waterskiing???  Yeah, your whiskers twitched right.  Tommy went waterskiing.  He even ended up on a kitty version of Sportscenter.  Did you see it?

          As for Smokey and Baby well, they decided to go the sandcastle route.  There wasn’t a contest going on but Smokey wanted to see how much she could actually do.  It was hard to convince Baby to join in but the more she worked on it the more she liked it!  They went at it so hard that they ended up with a sandcastle that stretched across the beach!


  1. That all sounds like a lot of fun especially the napping and it sounds like you tried a little bit of everything. You have a great week end.

  2. total lee awesum vacationz guys !!! we dunno who had de most fun coz everee did with doin ther own thing !!! did ya get post cardz ta send bak home !!! ♥♥♥