Monday, May 18, 2015

Pick a Captain

          In other words they loved it!  But there was an interesting problem though- who would be the captain?  Obviously none of the kitties could steer the boat.  Even though Barney and Ace thought that would be interesting idea.  Ace’s whiskers were especially twitching but Casey put his paw down on any kind of crazy ideas.  There was no way that he would happen, he said.  They needed a professional just to be safe.

          Now, Casey being reasonable should definitely be a sign of him being cured of a cat-cussion.

          With that debate being settled the question remained- who was going to be the captain?  Well, believe it or not that was settled much quicker than what you may think.  Believe it or not, Baby was the one who solved the problem with one phone call and the next thing you know a huge black cat with one eye showed up at the front door.

          Smokey’s eyes popped out when she saw him.  He was a huge, tough-looking cat with short whiskers and, as stated one eye.  “Who in the meow are you?”  she yowled.

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