Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Kitties Are Here!!!

         And kitties the ‘train’ arrived.

          There were kitties everywhere, a ton of kitties.  They were all kinds of colors, shapes and ages.  To top it all off, some looked familiar too!  Smokey was in such a state of shock that the Mayor’s ‘whistle’ actually worked that her brain seemed like it totally froze.  In other meows, you were going to be lucky if Smokey remembered her name, let alone the names of some familiar looking kitties.

          In the meantime, the Mayor was gloating.  “I tols ya,” he meowed.  “I tols all of ya kitties they’d shows up.”

          If this would’ve been any other time or instance, Smokey knew Casey and the Mayor would be having a paw exchange.  Casey never did like gloating, except of course when he did it.  And that made him a hypocrite-cat considering he loved to rub every cat’s whiskers in it when he was right about something. 

          Anyway, it seemed that Casey was too absorbed in being in charged and staying on Charlie’s back.  Besides that, he was more pumped up than ever bepaws he got to meow another speech.  “My cat friends,” he yowled, “are you ready to fight?”

          A chorus of agreeing meows came up from the crowd!

1 comment:

  1. guys....thatz oh kay, by de time everee one says ther name we willna rememburr R own !!! N casey...dood...ya better getz one oh thoz mega fone walkee talkee kinda gizmo's....we iz gonna knead it ♥♥♥