Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Lion Lecture

          Now, that not only shut him up that made him fall on his behind.  “Whut you do that for you Smoker?”

          “You needed to calm down,” Smokey meowed in a really annoyed tone with whiskers twitching.  “You were giving me a headache!”

          “Me too!” The lion agreed with a roar as he pawed a long some.  Smokey noticed that everyone seemed to have slowed, except for the ‘burds’ who were becoming so thick that you could hardly see the sky.

          “Me wants dese burds outta here!”  The Mayor demanded with the fur going up again.  “I don’t likes dem here and dey not gonna help!”

          The lion stopped again and turned to look at the kitties.  Smokey was struck by what a fine-looking lion he was with a thick mane and nice eyes.  He actually didn’t look real.  But this was a lion who wasn’t going to get off track by a staring Smokey.  “You goofy kitties listen,” he ordered, “the ‘burds’ are here to help so quit complaining aoubt the birds.”

          “I have nothing against da burds!”  Smokey swore waving her front paws like crazy.  “Don’t dump me off Mr. Lion!”

          He nodded and looked at the Mayor.  “What about you big boy?’


  1. we iz crackin up coz that's .....nick name at de sheltherz...big boy !!! thatz knot de name eye wented by on my bio....just de name de gals down ther gived me...well....eye AM a big boy ...eye guess !!!

    heerz two a righteye flounder kinda week oh end ! ♥♥♥

    1. oopz...all most forgetted...IF de burdz WILL help.......oh kay... but mizzturr lion ya better reel lee bee uz on thiz one !!

      happee caturday ~~~~~~ ♥