Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Meowy Offer to Good to Pass Up

Smokey just stared at Hank.  Was he kidding?  Who would actually ride with a hippo?  Weren’t hippos supposed to be really mean?  Smokey’s whiskers twitched as she looked closely at Hank.  He just seemed like a really happy-go-lucky hippo.  What could it really hurt?  Besides her mind was sort of made up when a couple of other kitties (a black one and a yellow one with white paws) jumped on his back too.

          “Meeee-ow,” Smokey responded.  “I’ll go with you!”  She managed to use her back leg to get enough pressure to leap onto the back, which impressed the other kitties.  They ended up introducing themselves as Vince (the black one) and Sammy was the one with the white feet. 

          “Nice to paw around with you,” Vince meowed purring happily.  Sammy nodded but didn’t say too much.  He was too busy checking out what was going on around them bepaws the pawty just seemed like it kept getting bigger with each passing second.  It seemed like every cat was trying to figure out how to outdo everybody else!

          Wait a meow-minute, what is that supposed to mean?

          Well, no matter what you would see other cats trying to ride or even just hang out with as many of the exotic animals as they could! 

1 comment:

  1. we hope sum bodee getz ta ride on an elly phant ...N zebra...YAY !!! N we hope sum ones gettin thiz on film ~~~ ♥

    heerz two a ribbon sawtail fish kinda week oh end guys ♥♥♥