Monday, June 22, 2015

APB for Smokey

          Well, before we begin on the other animals pondering the fate of Smokey did you happen to notice all of these animals with their names?  I mean seriously, did you notice that all the kitties and all of the exotic animals had one thing in common when it came to names-

          They were all purr-ty normal.

          Meee-ow okay since I got that out of the way, picture a bunch of kitties, on a party boat in an all-out panic.  There was no way this could be happening!  How in the meow did Smokey disappear?  As a matter of fact- how in the meow could Smokey even disappear?  She had 3 legs- everybody noticed the kitty with three legs, right?  And I don’t mean that in a bad way either.  So, don’t get all meowy and politically correct on me.  Everybody noticed Smokey bepaws she had the 3 legs and she was just so dang-blasted cute.

          The Mayor was EXCEPTIONALLY NERVOUS about Smokey’s absence.  Why?  Well, in the mess in getting away from all of the other animals- he heard a bunch of yowling threats from those leopards about getting their paws on the Troutie fortune.  He thought maybe, just maybe they could take a side trip to Fish Island to make sure everything was all secure.  Meow, meow, I know you’re saying he could try to check it online but for meowing out loud the Mayor was the type that needed to see it for himself, not believe everything online!

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  1. guys...ewe got that rite coz rememburr de song & dance thoz pie ratz gived uz last yeer with de golden trout... that waz az false aza 7 $$$ bill...

    oh, hi smokey...wher ya been !! ♥