Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Back to Pawtying

        “No problem,” Hank said, starting to lumber off in that hippo like way.  “I know something you cats will really like!”

          Well, the kitties took off and no one really seemed too interested in where they were going.  Why?  That’s easy enough to answer- haven’t any of you wondered what the other kitties were doing?  Well…

          The Sheriff, the Mayor and Casey happened to be playing a feline version of poker with two leopards (Larry and Danny), a cheetah (Andy) and the Mayor’s lion (Dave).  Where was Charlie the rhino?  Well, just think about it- a rhino isn’t going to be interested in feline poker and besides that he had a date!  And when a rhino has a date- you let him/her go for the obvious reasons of course.  Now, back to the game at hand.

          Oh, wait a meow-minute I know what you kitties are thinking?  You kitties are probably thinking (again)?  How did all of these exotic animals get such regular names.  Well to tell you the truth…

          I have absolutely no idea-MOL.

          One thing was for sure though, all animals love a good paw-ty and a game of feline poker automatically added to the fun.  Now, the kitties actually thought they had it made here.  In other meows, they thought they would rack it in.

1 comment:

  1. we hope we rakez in sum poker cash....we could give it ta R new pals heer ta help em build a see cure place frum harm, & take sum bak home ta R fav o rite shelterz...oh, and buy a fish samich ore two !! ♥♥♥