Monday, June 8, 2015

Pawty Start

        As many of you know, the Purry Cute kitties and the Trouties can pawty hard.  Who are we kidding all kitties can paw-ty hard!  But this was going to be sort of weird bepaws of all the exotic animals.  It’s paws-ible that all of the exotic cats were just good time paw-tiers too but a rhino…?

          A gorilla?  Zebras?  Elephants?  Wait a meow-minute.  Smokey didn’t realize that all of them were there too.  Remember pals, when she was on the back of that lion, everything just went by really fast.  As a matter of fact there were even some kind of strange looking deer there too but she wasn’t sure what they were.  After all, Africa has a ton of deer endangered- it’s hard to keep track of all of them!

          The meowy cool thing was though that Baby and Captain One-Eyed Jack must have known this was coming and had everything in order for the paw-ty.  Smokey wasn’t sure how they did it so fast but meeee-ow she was glad that they did after all- being in battle can sure get a kitty hungry!

          But besides eating and drinking- what were all of the new African animal pals going to do for fun?  Did they like music?  Did they dance?  Did they play any kind of goofy games?  Well, one thing Smokey saw immediately was a giraffe giving cats rides!  As a matter of fact Tommy and Daisy were on the back of one who seemed to be having a really good time, running around in circles.








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  1. smokey....giraffes are so very cool, they agreed to let us see WAY more than we ever could, even being in the top of the highest tree...c'mon and hop aboard; the scenery is as FABulous as us...and that's saying something !!!! .....tommy.....look...a pride with new cubs.....♥♥♥