Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Big Game

          The Sheriff and the Mayor were two cooooool customers but you knew that, every kitty knows that.  However, Danny and Larry were just oozed cool.  They were calm, relaxed and their whiskers didn’t even twitch.  They were in for the long haul too.  In other meows, they were going to play until they won everything!

          The game went on for a couple of hours in somewhat of a dead heat, if you can believe that.  But remember kitties feline poker is a lot different from the human kind.  As a matter of fact, the word of the game started spreading around the entire paw-ty and a crowd soon gathered around.  If you have a hard time imagining this- compare it to that goofy celebrity poker that ESPN shows sometimes. 

          The crowd didn’t seem to bother the Trouties or Larry or Danny.  It wasn’t until there was a loud roar in a distance that made the Sheriff jump about two feet in the air and completely and fold, which meant the Mayor was left fending off the leopards who not only looked calm and cool but kind of hungry!

          The Mayor tried not to notice the hungry look but meeee-ow that was tough.  He was sweating as is the fact that two leopards were staring at him like he was a gourmet dinner wasn’t helping!  He knew no matter what he had to hold them off, otherwise not only would these two get his cash but probably him for dinner!

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  1. well, thanx bee ta cod.... we finded out theze doodz want sum.... GAZELLE !!!!