Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bank Visit

          Well, the Mayor meowed out an order that they all had to go to the bank.

          They couldn’t believe it!  The other Trouties were in shock as well and they weren’t exactly amused. 

          “What we hafta go to the bank for?”  asked Daisy.  “Me needs my beauty sleep!”

          “Don’ts you worries about it,” the Mayor meowed in an official ‘don’t ask questions’ tone. 

          Barney and the other kitties were a little offended by this.  “What do we have to follow you for?”  asked Barney.  “We don’t know anything about this place.”

          “I wouldn’t say that,” muttered Casey looking at Ace who was trying to look innocent.

          “Trusts me,” the Mayor meowed.  “We goes to da bank and den everything will be fine.”  And on that note he starts pawing down an extremely busy street that seemed to feature every fish restaurant imaginable which had all of them floating in the air but not really protesting the Mayor’s insistence that they had to go for a bank visit.  All of the kitties figured that the sooner they humored him, the sooner they could start having a purry time.

1 comment:

  1. yea...coz like everee one kneads ta get sum samiches, fish pizza piez, fish patties, fish mice creem, fish drinkz !!!! does any one even rememburr de last time we had sum thin ta eat !! ??? ♥♥♥