Saturday, July 18, 2015

Escape to the Ship

         That’s when the chant started…

          “Hank!  Hank!  Hank!”

          The chant made Hank go at the humans harder and that’s when the kitties saw blood.  It didn’t matter.  Why should it really?  These were what you call the lowest of low in terms of humans.  These were the humans ready to catnap a sand cat family and they would kill any animal they could for some kind of money.  No cat had any sympathy.  You really can’t have any for poachers bepaws they are the lowest of the low.

          Now, these kitties were so into this that they didn’t hear a lot of stomping and growling.  The next thing you knew, more animals popped up; lions, rhinos, leopards, elephants.  It seemed like word had spread all over that more poachers were around and it was time to get them off the land once and for all.  The scene was growing more chaotic than the original war on the humans they had! 

          “We better get the meow out of here!”  Casey yowled. 

          “Everybody to da boat.  Hurries it up!!!”  The Mayor yowled.

          Don’t ask me how this happened- but all of them, including Tommy managed to make it back to the ship.  Vince and Sammy made it too.  If you’re wondering about Smokey and how she could do it- she managed to run faster than all of the other cats.  When all were accounted for- everybody had the same question:  Now where do they go??

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  1. YAY to all R anipals....if this wood happen like...for reel..........yea....think a bout it...N we all ways new smokey could run like de wind.....~~~~~~♥♥♥