Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fish Island Arrival

          And I wasn’t kidding either.

          They were there relatively soon!

          Captain One-Eyed Jack was even surprised at how smooth and easy it was to get to Fish Island.  He had never heard of the place until he ran into the Trouties and personally thought the whole thing was some kind of scam.  So, he was pleasantly surprised when they made it to a purry long island in the middle of the southern Atlantic with beaches bright enough that they glowed in the sun and water clear enough you could actually see the fish swimming!

          Big meow salute for Fish Island!

          Everything seemed too easy, they found a place to dock the boat and all got off with no trouble.  Casey was so shocked that they didn’t run into trouble that he almost fell into the ocean.  Barney took notes of the crowd- all kinds of cats were there but the funny thing was most seemed kind of on the sneaky side.  The strangest thing was that Ace seemed like he actually knew a couple of cats that were pawing by bepaws every so often he’d give a little tail wave to some fancy, fluffy feline that twitched her whiskers at him.


          Smokey noticed this immediately!  “What’s up with you?”  she asked Ace.

          “Meee-what’s the problem?”  he asked.

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  1. its summer time guys N fish island izza grate toor place for vacayshunz....grab a samich, bring a towelz & hit de sandee shorez ♥♥♥