Thursday, July 16, 2015

Here Comes......!

          Anyway, as you might’ve guessed, Tommy went wacky and took off on his own (the opposite direction).  All kitties were horrified.  The Mayor seemed to lose all ability to meow.  Barney, in a last ditch attempt to grab his tail to make sure he stayed with the group did a belly smacker.  Captain One-Eyed Jack opened his mouth and no meows came out and well- you get the idea.  They were all in shock until Daisy let out a big screech.

          Wait a meow-minute…


          That’s right Daisy!  She sort of had a little fondness for Tommy and she not only screeched but took off after him, which led the humans to yell.  “Cats!  Cats!  Get the gun- get the gun!”

          Now, that comment alone snapped all of the kitties out of it and they appeared to the humans so fast that a couple of them thought it was some kind of trick.  But Casey, the Mayor, the Sheriff and Ace started charging after the humans, while the others went for Tommy.  They weren’t even paying attention to their looks or even the guns- it was all about distraction.  But as they commenced a meow-attack, a big rumble came from behind.  A hippo soon came into view…

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  1. YAY ~~~~~~~ N we bet....itz gonna be hank leedin de charge.....♥♥♥