Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Poor Sand Cat!

        Hank sucked in his breath (which was an amazing sound itself because it sounded like a wind tunnel) and the kitties just kinda gave a yowl.  Smokey was paw-ticulary horrified!  How could any human, no matter how scummy they are, just take somebody’s family! 

          “How long ago did this happen?”  asked Sammy whose whiskers were twitching at 1000 miles per hour.  “Do you think they’re close by?”

          “They’d have to be!”  Hank growled.  That growl made all kitties (even the sand cat) look.  Apparently no one knew that a hippo could growl like that!  “Rotten humans!”

          Vince (the black cat) seemed like he grew a couple of inches and appeared to be almost panther-like.  “Let’s go get ‘em!”

          Smokey stared at the sand cat.  “This better not be any kind of trap!”  she yowled.

          The heartbroken look on the cat’s face made Smokey feel about the size of an ant.  “I just want my family back!”

          Hank sat back down on his butt so the cats could climb back on him.  “C’mon let’s go get ‘em!”

          “What are we gonna do if we find ‘em?”  asked Sammy, as the cats climbed on his back.

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