Saturday, July 25, 2015

Yowling Kitties

          “Youz says dumb stuff,” the Mayor meowed.

          “Well, you have a crooked nose!”  Barney yowled, getting really huffy.

          Smokey was starting to get a paw-ache.  “Would you two be quiet!”  she meowed.  “You two are getting on my nerves!!”

          Everybody kind of just stared at Smokey and she was more than happy to glare back.  After a couple of minutes, Tommy (of all kitties) broke the silence.  “So now what?”

          Daisy glared at Tommy with the fur up.  “Now what?”  she asked.  “Whut do youz tinks you twerp?  We gots money problems!”

          Tommy was shocked that Daisy had to get so nasty.  “Why you yelling at me?  I didn’t do anything to you!”

          “You iz just a little punk!”  Daisy yowled.

          This time Smokey just didn’t yowl- she gave Daisy a paw.  “You leave Tommy alone.”

          For some reason that seemed to make the kitties sane again.  Who knows why?  Anyway, there were bigger problems- like why was this bank closed?

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