Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hacking Smoke

          Smokey gave a twitch of her whiskers and tossed her tail around.  “I do what I wanna do,” she meowed.

          Finally, Alex just blew his furry stack.  “You twit cat!”  he yowled.  “Are you gonna help us out or not?”

          “Meee-ow!” Smokey yowled at him and the whole crowd.

          “Is that a yeah?”  Alex asked.          

          “Meee-ow,” Smokey replied.   “Yeah, I’ll help!”       

          Not that any cat was trying to make Smokey feel guilty or anything like that!

          After she meowed out that she would try to help, it seemed like the whole group forgot how to meow.  Finally, Smokey yowled out impatiently.  “Well, what is up with you cats? Where are we gonna do this at?”

          Much to the surprise of Smokey, her crew and the Trouties, Alex was the one who opened the door.  Here, it turns out that he was actually president of the bank!  Smokey and all of the cats (with the exception of the Fish Island residents), followed Alex to the back of the bank.  He led them to the back, where the offices were, which made sense.  All of your good hacking is done in some back office- right?

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  1. just make sure there noe cameraz on ya smokey ~ N uze a code name...just in case !! ♥♥♥